Normally, when limousines are unveiled, regardless of the car used as a base’s make, model year, the final cost of the project or the toys inside, it’s a tuner that unveils it.

In the case of the Nissan Leaf EV, it seems that somebody seriously screwed up in the press release of the situation as no tuner or custom car maker is involved.

Nissan Leaf EV limo
Nissan Leaf EV limo

The oddity of the car in question is clearly obvious but when it comes to actually considering the fact that people actually feel cool in an electric car.

I love them as much as anybody else but let’s face it; the electric car is an object of utter lack of coolness that has nothing to do with limos.

The latter should be something that can carry 8 people to prom in the evening and still handle a hen night of road tripping around strip joints.

An electric car wouldn’t be able to do that without running out of juice. And we all know how uncool sitting on the side of the sidewalk can be.

Getting back to the actual car there’s no actual change to the underpinnings of the car. The same 107 horsepower electric motor resides under the bonnet.

The worst part is that even though the Nissan Leaf was lengthened considerably and more room is available inside, the battery setup remains original.

Nissan Leaf EV limo
Nissan Leaf EV limo

The position of the pack has changed but the same capacity and, subsequently, range is what the car is capable of. That’s what is going on, on paper.

In reality, it’s quite the engineering trick to explain how a car that’s 400 pounds heavier than before can be just as capable.