The tragic death of Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker, has already become a stale subject for most of the media, as most possible angles have been covered extensively.

Still his legacy will persist a lot longer, be it through the movies that managed to bring millions into theaters, or the memorabilia that will be reach the hands of various parties.

Paul Walker's car collection
Paul Walker’s car collection

And speaking of memorabilia, the frenzy to grab something even remotely related to him has started a while back. I still remember the person who actually tried to steal a piece of the wreckage in which Paul lost his life in order to sell it on ebay.

Now most of his cars will be put up for auction, and will find new owners. In order to keep all of this affair decent, the estate handling the auction will try to keep the name of Paul Walker out of the whole process, as they feel it would be inappropriate to raise the value of the cars simply by linking them to a dead celebrity.