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2019 Mercedes A-Class

When you think of Mercedes you think of perfection, elegance and performance. The German automaker has never disappointed. Its vehicle models have always been regarded as some of the most sophisticated cars ever existing. The people over at...

By Tudor Sprinceana on Feb 3rd, 2018

The rumor mill with the Mercedes-Benz testing out a series of models from AMG is not new, the German carmaker already announcing some major changes, including a new A45 as well as a less performance model in the shape of the A40 Sport, slotted...

By Eduard Huma on Nov 11th, 2016
2013 Mercedes G Class

It’s a true miracle that the Mercedes G Class survived even this far into its life but Mercedes don’t seem like they’re about to drop it anyway. Hoping for a miracle of sustained sales isn’t enough though. The German...

By Lupica G. on Oct 18th, 2012