The trend for the car making industry in the last several years has been pointing towards a more eco-friendly approach to personal transportation.

Taking that to heart, Volkswagen has been slowly making progress towards the ambitious target they set for themselves.


And that is to reduce the CO2 emissions to just 95 g/km by the year 2020. As you might have guessed, this is not an easy task, but for a giant like Volkswagen, it is quite manageable.

Last year, the CO2 emission across the Volkswagen European vehicle range was of 134 g/km, down from 164 g/km in 2007. So if 5 years of research and development managed those results, their target of 95 g/km certainly isn’t so far-fetched.

Of course reaching the goal will take engineers time and will most certainly cost the German car maker quite a lot of money, but the end result will have a certain appeal to the populace, making it all worth while. Every car maker wants to be the one that saves the earth while still delivering driving pleasure.