The purchase of a vehicle should be viewed as an investment due to the importance of transportation. A car breaking down can prevent an individual from making it to work or other obligations. The maintenance of a car being done regularly can extend the life of the car and reduce repairs that need to be done. Driving safely is about staying calm and driving within the speed limit/other laws. Driving when angry can lead to road rage incidents which can ultimately end in criminal charges. For those that have never owned a car personally the following are areas of responsibility to keep in mind.


Gas is the most basic expense other than insurance that a vehicle owner must pay. Finding a car with the right gas mileage if you have a long daily commute can save you large amounts in fuel. Hybrids and electric cars are going to slash gas costs although these cars can be expensive. Signing up for specific gas station rewards cards that drop the price per gallon is recommended.
Insurance is a must for any owner of a car as it is the law to drive in all states. The quality of insurance does vary immensely depending on your coverage levels. Basic insurance without collision will most likely be the cheapest option. The drawback is that if you crash your car you will have to pay out of pocket to get your car back on the road. Insurance companies can be fickle for drivers with excessive tickets with them dropping customers regularly. Notifying your insurance company after an accident is another must. You do not want them to find out about it when another driver files a lawsuit.

Maintenance is going to be paramount to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. Getting your oil changed should be done regularly and can be done in a matter of a half-hour by many businesses. Tires are important to check the tread on as lack of tread could lead to an accident if a car skids and fails to stop. is important as they will let you know which repairs are important and what can be left alone.

Driving Without Distraction

Driving without distraction is immensely important. A number of people are involved in accidents due to distracted driving. Texting and driving is an epidemic with people losing their lives annually due to not having the restraint to wait to read/send a message. The number of people in a car can impact the quality of driving as well. For younger drivers, it is recommended to as it can be overwhelming for an inexperienced driver.

Routes to Avoid Roads with Frequent Serious Accidents

There is a chance every time that you get behind the wheel that you could be involved in a serious accident. Regardless of how safe a driver you are you will not be able to make up for the negligence of another driver. Most people know about the trouble roads or highways in their local area. Avoiding areas with huge congestion during a specific time of the day can immensely reduce the chances of an accident. Rush hour can lead people that are late to drive in a risky fashion or simply driving reckless. T-Bone accidents can prove serious with the fault of the accident not always being clear. at The Barnes Firm note, Although it seems easy to establish liability in a T-bone wreck, it’s not always a walk in the park. Holding another motorist liable under the concept of negligence is something best handled by a skilled lawyer.

NEVER Drink and Drive

One beer is too many when it comes to operating a vehicle to the best of your ability. The penalties for drinking and driving can be vast if someone is hurt in an accident that you caused. With all of the ridesharing apps available there is not an excuse to drive under the influence. Scooters that can be rented are parked all over cities so this could be a great way to get to an event then Uber home. Cannabis is legal in states across the US but it is important to note consumption and driving is illegal. Police departments are trying to come up with a breathalyzer that will detect cannabis levels. Driving in another state is mind should never be attempted as you are putting the lives of others at risk.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you by running reliably for years. Lack of care for a car can lead to issues with pumps, fluids, and major components of the car. Create a checklist of maintenance to do regularly on the car to make sure you do not miss an oil change or forget to get transmission fluid replaced.