Even if the Italian based carmaker has been and still is very successful with the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in all its versions, it seems that it will receive a new engine, in the shape of a 2.0-liter TBi with 257 kW.

The news surfaced after Dutch tuning Squadra was browsing Fiat Chrysler`s website and accidentally found out the table below with the new components for the Giulia`s braking system.

Once discovered that, the tuning company has declared on its Facebook page:

“We are not really intended to spread new facts [about the Alfa Romeo Giulia]. But this is something we found remarkable. Surfing on the parts site of the Alfa Giulia, we stumbled upon brake discs for the 280PS model, but also for a Giulia 2.0 TBi with 350PS (257kW).”

Concerning the tuning`s discovery, Alfa Romeo has not yet commented on that matter, but if this proves to be true, the new engine is going to be the most powerful ever seen underneath the Giulia.

So far, the most powerful engine from Alfa Romeo is the 2.0-liter with 205 kW and 470 Nm of torque GME T4, but that would be a thing of a past once the new engine breaks cover sometimes next year.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be officially introduced in dealerships worldwide next year, with the model reaching Australian market in February. As for the top of the line QV, the model has already arrived in the Land Down Under, being currently displayed at the carmaker`s showroom in Melbourne.