The Olympia Building at Aston Martin Works will from now on be the location of the British car maker’s Heritage Showroom.

It is here that anyone interested will be able to browse historic Aston Martin models, up to the DB7.

Aston Martin Heritage Showroom
Aston Martin Heritage Showroom

“The completion of the Olympia Building marks the end of the redevelopment and it provides a beautiful and fitting home for our Heritage sales department.”, said Aston Martin Works managing director Kingsley Riding-Felce. Besides the obvious Aston vehicles, the showroom will also be decorated with assorted memorabilia, for a full experience.

The Heritage Showroom will also allow visitors to buy classic models straight from Aston Martin, with the added bonus of benefiting of the “vast knowledge of the Works team and its experience in handling sales, on-going service and of course, its world-renowned restoration division.”

This is a nice way to grab a old Aston Martin from a trustworthy source and bypassing auction houses. So next time you are in the area, be sure give the Heritage Showroom a visit.