The luxury market in the US is a little bit shaken as the Tesla Model S is threatening to run over the BMW i8 concerning sales on that matter.

Even if the BMW is the world`s top premium automaker, its position on the US luxury market is unsteady, as the local Tesla manufacturer announces future successful sales, due to its high-tech and luxurious Model S.

BMW i8
BMW i8

Juergen Pieper, an analyst at Bankhaus Metzler, Frankfurt, thinks that the BMW`s position is compromised due to the Tesla`s innovations in terms of luxury and performance.

“Tesla will be able to win over people who’d normally buy a BMW. Even in Germany, people are lining up to test drive the Model S,” Pieper also mentions.

The prices also favor the Tesla Model S, as it costs only $63,570 compared to the $135,700 price that the BMW manufacturer is asking for the i8 hybrid.

But the BMW luxury automaker thinks that the price is justifiable, as the i8 hybrid comes with a conventional gasoline power, backed by an electric motor which helps the car be more fuel efficient.

More than that, the BMW i8 hybrid uses lightweight carbon-fiber frames that can also help the supercar be more efficient in terms of fuel.

The BMW automaker will have to come up with solutions fast enough to turn the ball into its own courtyard.