Insurance is a key aspect of car ownership, this makes that much weirder when people treat the subject lightly. Happily, I’ve found the company that agrees with me and it’s Aviva.

No real surprise that such a considerable effort in meeting our car insurance needs comes from one of the oldest “names” in the business.


As you’d imagine at the heart of their latest offering in terms of car insurance we find some very low prices and some lovable discounts.

To begin with, Aviva starts pretty strong offering 20% off their regular car insurance prices. Let’s not muck about, that’s basically giving you just over two months of free insurance.

Off to a good start, Aviva’s package for your car just keeps on getting better. There’s a special offer for those of you with more than one car.

Insure yourself with the British brand and you’ll get another discount on the second car that can go as high as 30%.

Aviva car insurance
Aviva car insurance

While we’re both here, I for one was very happy to learn about Aviva’s online car insurance manager, a system they call MyPolicy.

Since we got down to the online business, you can get an extra 20% off your already cheap car insurance if you set up your policy by yourself on the Internet.

With deals like these and quotes starting as low as £203 Aviva’s car insurance plan is truly great. Not only that, I haven’t even told you the full set of bonuses you can get from them.

Find the rest and maybe even get a new quote directly from Aviva’s website.