Toyota’s luxury division is officially in Turkey. It opened its first elegant showroom in Istanbul. Looking as exclusive as the brand itself, it is situated in one of the most main business districts, called Mayan.

The ceremony took place on March 10, and was hosted by the TTMS President and CEO, Ali Haydar Bozkurt. The Turkish market is very important for the Japanese brand, and this fact has been confirmed by the presence of Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe. Regarding the showroom, it covers 1.000 square meters and it will allow Lexus sale most of its models: IS, GS, LS, NX, RX and even the powerful RC. Despite the 5 liter, V8 naturally-aspirated engine of the RC, the best-sellers are expected to be the models equipped with the 2 liter turbo engine and also the hybrid ones. At the opening event, the speakers reaffirmed the Lexus’ goal of not producing just cars, but works of art. Let’s admit that the latest Japanese cars’ design is so radical, that either is loved, either not-so-loved, to be gentle. Lexus is the new definition of luxury, in Bozkurt’s vision, and it will bring in the premium feeling that the Turkish customers deserve.

Everyone’s expectation is that the Turkish market will grow from 80.000 units sold in 2015 to over 100.000 items in the near future. According to this forecast, Turkey will become the seventh largest European market. The services offered by the new showroom are beyond a seller-buyer relation, as the employees will make customers feel like being guests in their private homes. Therefore, it becomes a friendly relationship, making the customers get fast support allover Turkey and out-of-office hours servicing. The brand’s goal is to sale 250 cars during the first year and a total of 1.000 units over the first five years. However, in the future there are planned new showrooms in Ankara, Antalya, Adana, Bursa and Izmir. There will also almost 60 Lexus services in Turkey, so…why not buy a Lexus?