I first mistaken it with a Porsche Cayenne, but it is in fact an SUV built by Chinese based manufacturer Lynk & Co. It is about their newest 02, a mid-entry level model sitting between the much wider 01 and the 03 saloon.

As Andreas Nilsson, design chief stated, the new 02 is extremely “sporty, adventurous, dynamic, daring, confident and fun,” sitting as well “as the absolute center” of the carmaker`s brand.

Being a European-only model, the Lynk & Co 02 will be built in the Old Continental, and targets the young generation who wants to a have a little bit of fun. And by the way it looks, it will definitelybe an eye-catching SUV.

In contrast with the 01 or the 03, the company`s new 02 will be an extremely muscular model, making it longer and wider, yet less taller than the Volvo XC40. This means that it is 4,488 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,528 mm tall. Also, the wheelbase stands at 2,702 mm.

“A shorter wheelbase, lower ride height and center of gravity – combined with two-tone color schemes and softer, voluptuous surfaces, muscular haunches and wheel-arches – give 02 a solid and confident stance while being agile and sporty in character. Immediately identifiable as a member of the Lynk & Co family, it is also unique on the inside and out. 02 is a really remarkable looker in our line-up,” Nilsson also stated about the car`s body style.

The sporty look will be ensured by the muscular wheel arches and the two-tone colour schemes, while the electric powertrain will make sure that young customers will get plenty of adrenaline rush when putting the pedal to the metal.

Speaking of performance, the Lynk & Co 02 is likely to adopt a three-cylinder engine and an electric motor borrowed from the Volvo XC40, with a seven-speed automatic transmission. Official data of the power and performance figures have not been provided yet.

The car also puts emphasize on technology, like sharing function, wireless charging, dedicated app store, wide central touchscreen display and the latest telematics systems which are connected to the Internet.

We should be able to see the new model in dealerships across Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, London or Brussels, all placed in “easy-to-navigate, sociable and fun brand boutiques.” Stay tuned for further details in the upcoming period!