The Mercedes G500 4×4 is an extremely powerful and genuine SUV produced by Mercedes-Benz to meet all the exquisite demands of its fancy customers. It is big, bulk, powerful and provides one of the most important off-road packages on the market.

And in the hands of Brabus, the hardcore division from Mercedes, the G500 4×4 comes to life with even more outstanding goodies, especially inside the cabin.

There are though some new exterior body parts that make it standout from the crowd, like the powered running boards, steel protection parts or the Brabus alloy wheels.

But the real deal is inside the cabin. The interior comes fully packed with brown leather interior with brown carbon fiber trims, Rolls-Royce-like starlight roof, rear convenience package with folding tables, privacy curtains as well as a fridge.

The real surprise is the power boost under the hood, Brabus also upgrading the car` s power, the model now coming packed with a full 500 horsepower, all squeezed thanks to the tuner`s new B40 power kit.

The car`s main highlights inside are best described in the media gallery below, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your opinions with us! If you had a Mercedes G500 4×4, would you send it to Brabus for some exclusive aftermarket parts at the interior as well as under the hood?