The next generation of the Ford Focus will be the 2012 model year but it is scheduled to appear towards the end of next year and already we have some info on the underpinnings of the EV model. The list of powertrain upgrades includes a new generation of polymer batteries.

Ford Focus EV
Ford Focus EV

They share the technology found on GM’s Chevrolet Volt as the Focus EV will employ a liquid-cooled battery pack with automatic thermal management.

The decision to pick this route was fueled in order to help the performance of the battery and its lifespan. The entire outfit is designed to achieve this due to better operation of electronics in relation to low temperatures and since there is overheat prevention the chances of developing cracks in the electrodes are greatly reduced. In turn this will lead to a longer life for that ever sensitive battery in there.

Apart from preventing such imperfections the next Ford Focus EV will also have a trick up its sleeve at the moment of charging when the battery won’t be immediately charged but rather prepped first for the process. That thermal management will also come in handy when operating in winter conditions.

This technology is a far cry away from what Nissan and Mitsubishi offer in their EV’s as they stick to conventional air cooling techniques. Even so, it will be interesting to see how these differences in tech show their results over regular base usage.