We all knew the British love their country and their history and when it came to those of them who are petrolheads they can’t help but love Aston Martin creations.

Aston Martin Logo
Aston Martin Logo

It seems that petrolheads aren’t the only fans of the brand as a recent survey undertaken among brits revealed something very pleasing for the company.

The Superbrands Cool Brands survey was done by UK-based Centre for Brand Analysis and the results placed “guess what brand at number one”.

It seems that Aston Martin is the coolest brand among the top 500 companies studied. The survey’s testing implied 2,000 consumers and a panel of designers, editorial types and brand consultants.

The Aston Martin “was knighted” after a seriously close battle with other important brands such as iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and Harley-Davidson.

This isn’t the whole story however as while the British Manufacturer did win, the list was mostly made up by high tech companies like Google, Apple, YouTube and Nintendo and even the BBC’s iPlayer made the list.

The only other automakers making the cut are Ferrari at number nine and Mini at 16.