Online label company Data Label, shows study on highlighting your business through car stickers in order to attract new viewers. By promoting through advertising stickers on vehicles, research reveals the statistics and the overall benefits and values behind it.

Benefits of displaying ads on vehicles:

There are many ways and strategies to put forward your business, we look at an old school method using vehicle stickers. Place an ad on the side of your car and see how many influencers it’ll bring out.

Drivers can start earning money through displaying ads on their cars. The potential audience is an enormous amount considering how many cars are in the UK. This being said, you can promote your business through somebody driving around, giving they live in a busy area or a city, they’ll be able to drive and promote your business at the same time.

Considering they’re happy with the idea of placing ads on their vehicles. There would be a cost to get somebody to do this, but considering the benefits I wouldn’t imagine you’ll be out of change. All the potential viewers you would receive coming into your business would definitely increase.

Values following vehicle advertisement:

Statistically speaking:

• On average we see 6000 vehicles in a 10 minute drive.
• In the UK they’re 31.7 million cars on the road.
• Typically around £100 for an ad being display on a vehicle.
• A survey carried out showed 88% of people noticed advertisements on vehicles.

Recognising a good car advertisement

Looking at good advertisements on vehicles

• Colourful – eye catchy, engage your potential new viewer.
• Feel – Create a good mood feel from your ad, make it exciting and full of energy.
• Clear – Create a straightforward view for people to easily see with their eyes of the ad.
• Imagination – For example you visit a new website for the first time, you instantly and natural judge the site based on the design and look of it. Asking yourself is this good or not? When displaying ads on cars, need to consider how long people will be focused and engaged.

Taking a look at bad car advertisements

• Dull, boring and not eye appealing are the top main three bad ads.
• No imagination and no story.
• No true feel to it, not engaging.
• Possibly not enough information given.
• Does not reinforce the brand
• Unseen brand or taken as another brand.

The images above show both bad ways to advertise and good ways. From over the top stickers making it unclear and hard to read. To professionally prepared decals on cars for easy visuals and a more expert look.