The joy of riding a bike has forever caught the fancy of youngsters and adults alike. Not only is bike a convenient mode of transport, given the traffic scenario on Indian roads, but it also helps many express their style quotient. Owing to such reasons, demand for two-wheelers has risen over the years, making brands launch an exciting range of bikes over the years.

Given the huge choice available nowadays, some choose their bike based on comfort level, while some others go for high-end brands or heavy bikes from reliable brands. High-end or heavy motorbikes are expensive in India, owing to their limited supply. That is the reason why many of you may not be able to afford to buy a new one. Thus, in such situations, buying a used bike is the only alternative left. It is the most convenient method of buying your dream bike at lower costs. However, you should examine the second-hand bike thoroughly before sealing the deal along with also purchasing two-wheeler insurance online at the time of purchase.

If you’re wondering whether buying a second-hand bike would be a good deal or not, then consider these points

• A second-hand bike in excellent condition saves a lot of money, which can be helpful to you financing any other more essential need that you may have at a given time or for buying a new model of your dream bike later.

• If the used bike is still in good condition, it will give you excellent performance and mileage.

• If you are a new rider and you purchase a used bike, you will worry less about scratching or denting it.

Buying a used bike is especially a good idea for those of you who are learning to ride. There are several showrooms in the state where you can find used motorbikes in good condition. When considering to buy a second-hand bike, there are many things which you must keep in mind. These include getting two-wheeler insurance, chassis number on the papers and the bike, and other such things. Most importantly, if the bike is not insured you can purchase two-wheeler insurance online, which is now a hassle-free process.

Where can you find used motorbikes?

Owners or Private Sellers: One of the options could be to buy directly from an owner or a private seller, which will give you room for a lot of negotiation. However, this option comes with certain drawbacks. These bikes are usually not maintained or appropriately checked, because of which they may have few or many faults of which you may come to know later. If you choose to purchase your bike from such sources, then you must perform a complete test on the bike to ensure its good condition.

Dealers: If you buy from a reliable or reputed dealer like a showroom for second-hand bikes, the bike is likely to be in peak condition. These dealer showrooms perform various checks on a motorbike before procuring. Hence, buying from them is a reliable option.

If you want to carry out inspection, do it preferably in broad daylight so that you can recognize all the faults. Also, you must take someone knowledgeable with you when going for an inspection so that they can help you in case you don’t know much. Moreover, this way, you will also get second opinion, which is always a good idea before making any significant purchase.

Checking the Bike

It is also essential to ensure that you don’t get misled by the shine of a used bike, as it can be hiding various dents that you might be unaware of. For this purpose, there are two types of essential checks you must conduct:

• Mechanical Check

• Document check

In mechanical check, the basics include oil-leak check, rust, dent, scratches, engine, brakes, and other mechanical inspections.

Document check includes registration certificate (RC) check, pollution check certificate, model manual, bike insurance, and other documents.

Take a Test Ride

Once all the checks are done, you can take the bike for a test ride. It will ensure that you know whether the bike functions properly or not and how comfortable it is for riding. If you face any minor issues while riding, you can get them repaired later, but if the problems are significant, then it would be better for you to look for other options.

Importance Of Buying Insurance For A Used Bike

Like regular insurance, buying for your second-hand bike also offers the same perks. For instance, if you meet with a mishap suddenly, your motor insurance policy will cover you financially against the losses incurred. It will also save you from legal liabilities if there is a provision for it in the policy. You can also buy add-ons like accessories cover, depreciation cover, and more such useful covers.

Bring Home a Second-Hand Bike

Purchasing a second-hand bike is a good option if you have a small budget or you are a learner. A good deal will save you much money, especially on two-wheeler online insurance. Do not forget to take the test ride and check all the gears, brakes, and other parts before you arrive at a decision. Once you have decided, bring the bike home and then enjoy the pleasure of owning and driving a motorcycle at the least rate possible.