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The North American based Tesla manufacturer has recently announced the availability of its Model X P60D, the version joining the 75D, 90D or top of the line P90D. The full-electric Model X P60D is priced from $119,000, and can go all the way...

By Eduard Huma on Jul 20th, 2016
Tesla Model S

Tesla has hit it big with their latest vehicle, the Model S. While the car itself is quite impressive, part of the appeal of the Model S is the careful attention each owner receives from the car maker. Following its success, Tesla has recently...

By Andrei Cristea on Jun 5th, 2013
Tesla CEO: Elon Musk

Tesla’s recent success seems to have slightly gone to the company CEO’s head. I’m only saying this because he started making predictions about the future. Tesla CEO: Elon Musk And it’s not the good kind sort, the likes...

By Lupica G. on Jan 22nd, 2011