The first generation of Volkswagen’s Touareg always looked to me as if it looked bad enough to need tuning the moment right when it left the factory. The new version of the German SUV has managed to change my mind as I find it to be a handsome looking brute.

JE Design VW Touareg
JE Design VW Touareg

This hasn’t discouraged the folks over at JE Design (a German tuning house) from having a go at trying to improve on it. And while the visible bits don’t need much explaining as all they did are subtle tasteful changes the underneath bit seems less than impressive.

What really worries me is that, for the time being, JE Design is only offering an engine kit for the 4.2 liter TDI V8 diesel. I know the upgrades give you an extra 70 horsepower (totaling up 410) and enough torque to literally pull a tree from it’s roots (930 Nm or 686 lbs-ft) but I was hoping for the total sleeper effect like minute changes to the exterior and adding the W12 twin turbo from Bentley to it for some extra kick.

I may be dreaming but then again, the world of tuning has brought forward quite a lot. Sticking with the 4.2 liter diesel V8, performance figures come up to a 0-100km/h (62mph) time of 5.4 seconds while top speed is now 269km/h or 167mph.

As far as the suspension is concerned there is a new electronic lowering module that helps bring the vehicle about 1.5 inches closer to the ground in order to achieve a bit more stance. Add some custom exhaust tail pipes and a choice of alloy wheels shod in sticky new tires for a bit more effect.

The aero bits serving a set of aesthetics and airflow purposes are available for all Touareg models, and they form a list of a new front grille and spoiler, wheel arch extensions, a rear apron and a roof spoiler.

With all of these done you get yourself a good looking, well made, fast car made even better in just about every way but it comes at a cost, $25000 dollars and some change is what JE Design will charge you for doing up your VW Touareg but you can cheer up as this also includes the engine kit.

JE Design VW Touareg JE Design VW Touareg JE Design VW Touareg JE Design VW Touareg