As you might know, Aston Martin managed to secure 150 million GBP after selling 37.5 percent equity to the Italian firm Investindustrial. While the cash income is certainly a boon, Aston now has to take into consideration the requests from its new partner.

And Investindustrial gently nudged the British car maker towards a partnership with Daimler.

Aston Martin - Daimler Partnership
Aston Martin – Daimler Partnership

From this union, Aston hopes to gets reduced costs on manufacturing, as many engines and electrical components are expected to be jointly produced between the two companies. Of course, no official contract has been signed, as Aston Martin chairman Andrea Bonomi stated there will be meetings with other car makers as well.

As much as Aston might try to save face, it is clear that Investindustrial has quite a heavy word to say in the matter, and all probabilities point toward Daimler. And as long as the partnership will save Aston some money, I personally see no harm in it.