BMW is definitely in on the whole electric vehicle market business and after paving the way with the Mini E testing they are ready to unleash a new electron powered vehicle on the world.

BMW ActiveE Concept
BMW ActiveE Concept

I’m talking about the BMW ActiveE Concept which will soon start real world testing destined to provide more feedback into the 2013 BMW Megacity EV.

The test locations selected for the ActiveE are all in North America, specifically on the east cost and in California as the list includes New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Boston and some select markets in Connecticut. While rumors have been going around as to the fact that BMW will be testing hundreds of ActiveE vehicle, the Germans made no mention of the number of cars they intend to send out. This would mean we’d have to keep on speculating until a new announcement or until the actual start of the program which is scheduled for next summer.

What sets the BMW ActiveE apart from the Mini E is its ability to seat 4 passengers and carry some cargo while still being able to achieve figures of some performance. 0-60 should come up in approximately 8.5 seconds and the car has a top speed which is electronically limited to 90 miles per hour. All the fun should end however once the trip computer ticks past the 100 mile range.

BMW ActiveE Concept BMW ActiveE Concept BMW ActiveE Concept BMW ActiveE Concept BMW ActiveE Concept