What’s this? A road car? A buggy? A quad? According to Toyota, it’s an object of admiration. We agree!

However, it’s not a standing-still object. It moves, thanks to its hybrid powertrain, combining an electric motor and a four-cylinder, 1.5 liter engine. A not-quite usual one, since it features a composite material-made intake manifold, a low-friction distribution chain and an electric water-pump. Therefore, it moves silent, being a perfect urban vehicle. Toyota ensures us that the automatic transmission adds smoothness and comfort to the ride, while the electric motor is optimized to achieve maximum autonomy. And if Toyota can’t optimize the hybrid technology…I don’t who can.

It’s McLaren F1-like architecture (like the comparison?), with three seats, creates a naturally onboard communication, while the two sliding doors provide enough space to get in and out of the car. The driver’s position is at the heart of the vehicle, ensuring an engaging drive, while the analog instruments are faithful to the simple-beauty concept. For Toyota, the car became a beauty to be admired as it moves not only from the outside, but also from the cabin. Two small windows are placed at the driver’s feet to ensure that the tyres’ and suspension’s movements are admired by the passengers. They also allow the road to be seen speeding by beneath. Through the windshield, the exposed upper arms of the suspension create an even more involving action onboard. If you’re thinking it’s not too aerodynamic, you’re right. But let’s keep in mind that it’s only a concept meant to make us think of how many beautiful, simple things we lose by insulating, covering and separating ourselves from the basic mechanics.