I reckon Sergio Marchionne’s efforts in favor of Chrysler are about to shift proceeds over to Fiat as well.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The latest plan for the two companies involves a joint venture on one of Chrysler’s platforms being sent over to Turin for some work.

The new collaboration will have Chrysler provide the sort of platform that Fiat doesn’t yet have. A platform for large passenger vehicles and SUVs.

This platform will be sent to Turin, over at Fiat Group’s historic Mirafiori plant for a serious makeover. At the end of this Chrysler burger being processed with Fiat pizza we’ll have new flagship models for Jeep and Alfa Romeo.

Imagine that, an Alfa Romeo SUV… I’m slightly sad just saying this but perhaps the Italians will style it so well I’d like it.

Since this is some sort of business situation, €1 billion will change hands as the investments required for the Mirafiori plant to succeed as part of this plan.

What’s weird, for me at least, is that while this car will be developed in Europe on an American platform, the Alfa Romeo SUV and the Jeep flagships will be sold outside of the European Union.