Ford announced official details on the hybrid version of the 2014 C-Max. At the exterior, the company provides new tire deflectors, an active grille shutter, low-friction engine oil, a revised hood and new tailgate deflectors.

The low-rolling resistance tires are also available while several systems such as start and stop improve the fuel economy.

2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid
2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid

We don’t know which engine powers the American model but we do know that fuel consumption will be rated at 43mpg combined.

“The enhancements to the 2014 C-MAX Hybrid are expected to improve customers’ on-road fuel economy, especially at highway speeds,” says the company.

Ford also plans to make goodwill payments to current C-Max Hybrid owners offering them up to $550. More information including exact details and photos for the 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid will be released very soon.