The Lexus LFA has to be the most admirable engineering playground ever to walk the catwalk of supercars.

2011 Lexus LFA
2011 Lexus LFA

To this extent it’s no wonder when you hear that even though they’ve all been sold and production hasn’t even started, some changes are still being made.

The latest change the final version of the Lexus LFA will undertake is related to a safety issue.

Some of you may remember that Toyota’s chief test driver died in an accident in a Lexus LFA and that incident has risen some questions and complaints.

The safety upgrade that will be given to Toyota’s technology showcasing beast means that you’ll get a special sort of seat belts.

Before your face becomes way to disappointed you should know that these seat belts have been designed to inflate in case of a side impact. The seat belts inflate in the area above the shoulder and is said to help keep your head away from the zone of impact while also limiting it’s movement.

The whole thing sounds quite geeky but I do understand the point of this change so great going Lexus. Speaking of which, the Lexus LFA is said to start sometime this month in Toyota City.