There are some irrefutable things to say about the new E-Class: it is one of the most technologically-advanced executive saloons in the market, it’s very fast and it’s the most aerodynamic model in the segment. But what about its emission levels? They are very low and that’s not just a presumption: it’s a fact proved by a recently received certificate.

I can’t really say that I completely trust all the certificates’ conclusions. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but if anyone knows a car that records a real fuel consumption equal to the one in the NEDC certified values, I’m here to read your comment. However, there is an excellent thing about the NEDC measured consumption values: they allow you to approximate the cars’ fuel economy compared to other cars’ in class.

However, there’s not what this story’s about. This story’s about a certification received by the new E-Class, which attests that its total pollution level is at a very low level. So it doesn’t refer only to the incredibly low fuel consumption, of 3.9 liters /100 km (102 g/km CO2) of the E 220 d. It considers the whole level of pollution, from the production phase to the final recycle step. According to this certificate, from entering the production line, being driven for 250.000 km and recycling, it averages 36 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is excellent, compared with the predecessor’s 51 tonnes CO2. It’s a 29 percent improvement, or 6 tonnes of diesel fuel, when converted! A total of 54.4 kg of plastic are completely recycled, helping the car to achieve an exceptional 95 percent recycling-by-weight rate. More, a total of 33.1 kg of materials, meaning 90 components, are completely natural. The conclusion is that not only the E-Class looks great and performs excellent, but it’s also very environmentally friendly.