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Mercedes-Benz Vision Zero

Mercedes-Benz recently launched a new strategy to increase traffic safety. By 2050, the German company hopes to eliminate all traffic accidents according to the Vision Zero initiative. One of the leaders in the automotive business when it comes...

By Marcus M. on Oct 23rd, 2022

Driving with the Anti-lock braking system off, you need to be more careful. After all, it will cause the vehicle braking distance to be longer. Moving fast with the ABS off can be extremely dangerous because it will take longer for the vehicle...

By Marcus M. on Nov 12th, 2021
Dodge Charger cop car

Even though Chrysler managed to take a bite out of the police fleet market that used to be a just about all Ford, it wasn’t easy. After the entire proceeding took place, the Dodge Chargers Chrysler supplied U.S. police forces with looked...

By Lupica G. on Feb 14th, 2012