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Peugeot 908 HYbrid4 racer

Unlike Ford who barely released a concept car which is actually a minivan version of the small Fiesta hatchback, Peugeot just revealed a new 908 endurance racer. Peugeot 908 HYbrid4 racer Called the 908 HYbrid4 the French company’s new...

By Lupica G. on Mar 2nd, 2011
2011 Mercedes GP W02

No matter who you are and where you live if you’re interested in motorsport, you will have at some point get to find fascination in Formula 1. 2011 Mercedes GP W02 Therefore you can’t get away from the fact that every year, around...

By Lupica G. on Feb 3rd, 2011
2011 Team Lotus T128

With a new Formula 1 season fast approaching, it’s almost fitting to have more and more news on the matter. Therefore, after seeing Ferrari’s new entry and Lotus-Renault’s new driver, we can now see Team Lotus’ new car. 2011...

By Lupica G. on Feb 1st, 2011
2011 Ferrari F150

The Italians at Scuderia Ferrari aren’t exactly strangers to coming in first. They’ve kept this lineup of thoughts when they decided to do what they just did. 2011 Ferrari F150 Following a juicy array of specs and photos, Ferrari...

By Lupica G. on Jan 30th, 2011