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Brabus Mercedes G63 AMG

It’s a while now since we stopped being surprised at the vehicles the Dubai police department add to the car pool. The latest beast to join in is a Brabus prepped 700 Hp Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and it should fit right in with the rest of...

By Andrei Cristea on Nov 7th, 2013
Mercedes G63 AMG by German Special Customs

The high-performance Mercedes G63 AMG gets some special treatment from the tuners at German Special Customs. We talk about a comprehensive tuning kit which brings both styling and performance tweaks. In terms of power, the stock 5.5-liter V8...

By rikk on Oct 21st, 2013
Mercedes G63 AMG by A.R.T.

A.R.T. releases a new tuning kit for the Mercedes G63/65 AMG, a package able to bring quite significant styling tweaks but also a power boost. In terms of styling, the company provides a wide body kit which brings new front and rear spoilers,...

By rikk on Dec 18th, 2012
Mercedes G63 AMG by Brabus

Brabus is yet again turning its attention to a Mercedes model, this time is the AMG variant of the G63 SUV. As we talk about an AMG model, we already know there is plenty horsepower under the hood. To be more specific, the stock model benefits...

By rikk on Nov 10th, 2012
2013 Mercedes G-Class

The Germans from Mercedes decided to reveal all the important information on the two AMG models of the new G-Class SUV. As you probably know, Mercedes offers a V8-powered G63 AMG model but also a more powerful C65 AMG which will be produced...

By rikk on Apr 19th, 2012