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Jaguar F-Type in Superbowl ad

British car maker Jaguar has fronted their first Superbowl ad, featuring a lot of nationalism (figures) and the F-Type Coupe. While it has all the makings of a great video, in my opinion, it falls just short of a great advertisement. Jaguar...

By Andrei Cristea on Jan 29th, 2014
Toyota Superbowl Ad

For American sports fans and not only, the Superbowl is one of the biggest events out there, and the attendance to it both live and on TV pretty much runs other shows into the ground. As a natural response, any company desiring a commercial...

By Andrei Cristea on Jan 22nd, 2014
Jaguar Superbowl Ad

The American Superbowl is a sporting even that catches the attention of sports fans across the globe, and not only. With such a high profile, each second of advertisement sold during the event costs takers quite a pretty penny. Jaguar Superbowl...

By Andrei Cristea on Nov 12th, 2013