Now generally, when you hear about an MTM tuned Audi you feel a serious list of modifications is coming your way. When you hear about an MTM tuned Audi based on an RS model you expect to see something along the presentation that spells “new world record”.

MTM Audi RS5
MTM Audi RS5

Sadly, this isn’t any of that. Not to rain on their parade I’ll just say the car is receiving a light tuning treatment that won’t kill your pocket but won’t give you an immense thrill either. Or will it?

To be honest, MTM didn’t touch the Audi RS5’s engine so the power is the same, they didn’t touch the suspension either but on that front they are promising a come back in a few months in the form of an individually adjustable spring-kit.

Since the list of things they did touch is easier to go through firstly there’s the wheels, 9 spoke alloys which are available in sizes of 19″, 20″ and 21″, will get on for prices starting from €2,249. Secondly, there’s the exhaust which for €2,998 can be turned into a stainless steel sports exhaust system with throttle valves and thirdly, last, but under no possible circumstance least, they will charge you a euro under 1,500 for removing the limiter. While this may be the cheapest modification available it’s certainly very interesting as the top speed now jumps to 303 km/h or 188 mph.

MTM Audi RS5 MTM Audi RS5 MTM Audi RS5