The Japanese moved the goal posts when they came out with the 2006 Honda Civic’s European design.

2012 Honda Civic render
2012 Honda Civic render

The new car looked exactly like the concept car that spawned it, the gorgeous shapes and details are all there and even in 2009, when it got a new facelift it still remained the best looker in the class.

A lass… time moves on. For 2012 Honda’s Civic will have to be at least equally revolutionary. I’m pretty sure that no matter what it looks like, the new Honda Civic will be a masterpiece of a car.

But given the teaser the Japanese sent out before an initial reveal at the 2011 Detroit Motor Show prove that Honda means business with this design line.

Put simply, the 2012 Honda Civic teaser reveals an aggressive mix between the Euro version of the Civic and the JDM version enhanced practicality.

When they stuff a 2 liter iVTEC engine in this gorgeous little Japanese hatchback it’ll pretty much be all things to all men. And women. And, in England, all the over aged persons as well.

You know what, suddenly, 2012 seems very very far away.