If the latest gadget appeals to you but your primary passion is classic motoring than you might be interested in the latest product Porsche has placed on the market.

Classic Porsche Satellite Navigation
Classic Porsche Satellite Navigation

The Germans understand people with both these passions and are helping them by not forcing one choice or the other.

While it may be tricky to achieve it’s not impossible, certainly isn’t in the area they’ve chosen to go for. What I’m talking about is a new satellite navigation system that can be fitted to most classic Porsche creations but unlike any other modern and tacky option this one actually looks like an original radio from one of those models.

The system is called Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System (Part # 911 645 910 00) and it packages a display screen fitted into a form factor that is an exact fit for the original factory radio’s location. Round knobs keep appearances in line with that classic Porsche aesthetic, but bringing you the 21st century bit of technology you might need.

All of this will set you back 595 euros + VAT and can be fitted to Porsche 911s produced between 1963 and 1977 and there’s also a chance it might fit the Porsche 914 and Porsche 912.