It is all in Autocar’s interview with Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler: the next Smart crossover is definitely not going to have a front-wheel traction as many would have expected it to happen.

Read on to find out what other information provided the official from Daimler and perhaps change your mind about Smart’s soon-to-be launched SUV.

Smart SUV Rendering
Smart SUV Rendering

The most important observation of them all was the fact that no matter the ideas, designs and breakthroughs that Smart is willing to implement in the following years through its production lines, the platform will stay the same.

And if you are familiarized with what kind of platform is Smart using, you know that there is no room for neither the front-wheel drive system, nor the frontal engine.

This also means that the next Smart units will have a tougher look and extra body armour, a fortwo or rwd forfour transmission and it will keep the defining traits of the brand.

After all, Daimler is determined to go with the second generation of Forfour, a model that has not been launched so far.