I know the title doesn’t make much sense but try and bare with me for a short while.

Halo Intersceptor
Halo Intersceptor

The Halo Intersceptor is not a tuning pack for the Bugatti Veyron, nor is it a new version of it. It actually is a futuristic study for a car that redefines big boys toys.

What I’m talking about here is a very special car, the sort of thing that every current wealthy man once dreamed of as a 10 year old.

The Halo Intersceptor is not a Veyron but does wear some of it’s design cues, the rest of the look of this car has been changed in order to fit a wider range of applications.

What I mean about that is that this car is not a car, but a helicopter, a boat and even a plane.

You’ve read right, that car is a creation of UK concept designer’s Philip Pauley and the best part about is the performance, the car should manage 0 to 62 mph in just 2.3 seconds and there should be enough power to keep pushing on to a top speed of 311 mph.

That last figure isn’t a certain thing as I’m not sure if you need the accessories to turn it a plane in order to achieve that. Perhaps high speed isn’t your thing, a helicopter could be more useful or perhaps you’d want to cruise around your own tropical island on your boat but you don’t feel the need to leave the wheel.

This can offer you that. In fact what the Halo Intersceptor can offer you is this, it can take you out of mansion, get into your helicopter, go to an airport, pickup your phone, call an employee to bolt off the big propeller on top and bolt on a couple of wings on and off you go into the wild blue yonder.

Once you reach your tropical paradise you can have another helper turn your plane into a boat and go for a nice bit of wave you can break all of these off and go for a drive.

With a Bugatti Veyron copy concept, Halo Intersceptor you can do that without ever leaving your comfy supercar seat.

Now that we woke up from our dream you should remember this car is still a file in a computer and under no circumstance something real.

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