The Japanese at Honda certainly know their way round a car.

2012 Honda plugin hybrid
2012 Honda plugin hybrid

While the company does have a sporty heart their eco-friendly cars are nothing short of great.

After coming up with the Honda CR-Z hybrid which got immensely good press despite the watering down of a previously legendary model, Honda came to Los Angeles prepped up in a similar fashion for the Motor Show.

What Honda showed off at the Los Angeles Motor Show is proof that they’re seriously into the business of plugin hybrids. Sadly though, while the Japanese had a pretty impressive setup ready, we don’t know what car it will be found in.

We’ll find out sometime in 2012 when a new Honda mid-size sedan is due to pop-up with a plugin hybrid badge on the back.

As far as the actual kit is concerned there’s a 6kWh lithium-ion battery teamed to a pretty poky 120 kW electric motor. The range is pretty poor at the moment but once the power runs out you will be accessing a 2 liter engine with i-VTEC written on top.

Add an electric CVT gearbox to the mix and things get pretty interesting.