By taking the covers off their latest product it seems that the chaps over at Smart USA really know their market. They have just announced a new … let’s call it trim level choice for the Smart ForTwo.

Smart ForTwo Hello Kitty
Smart ForTwo Hello Kitty

As displayed above, the new thing available on the Smart ForTwo is a set of “Hello Kitty” wraps and various stickers.

As to be expected, the “Hello Kitty” Smart ForTwo offers vinyls and such that are completely trademarked and licensed by both Smart and Sanrio. Smart are represented in the US by dealer Penske Automotive and Sanrio is the name of the company that owns the “Hello Kitty” brand.

Janet Hsu, president of Sanrio Inc. made a bit of a statement when the two companies revealed the Smart ForTwo Hello Kitty edition in which she pointed out to the excitement of her company being involved in their first car launch in the US. The fact that they chose the Smart ForTwo and not the Bentley Continental for example is rather easy to explain. The Hello Kitty brand and the Smart ForTwo work together well because they are both focused on lifestyle choices.

The program that offers you a choice of your favorite “Hello Kitty” branded Smart ForTwo is called Smart Expressions. The Smart Expressions program gives you three options as far as the full-body “Hello Kitty” designs are concerned and then there’s quite a few choices as far as the colors are concerned.

The actual showroom availability of the Smart ForTwo “Hello Kitty” is claimed to be taking place this fall as it’s the 50th anniversary of the Sanrio counterpart of this affair.

Smart ForTwo Hello Kitty Smart ForTwo Hello Kitty Smart ForTwo Hello Kitty