Fiat has always offered some of the most capable LCVs and now, though the model has changed, the qualities remained the same. Only the fact that the new Talento is based on the Renault Trafic and the Opel Vivaro is new.

Fiat owns a great heritage in the LCV segment, thanks to its sub-brand, Fiat Professional. The new model is a good example of excellent loading capacity, being therefore perfect for professionals with business in or around the city. Its name – Talento is inspired by its natural abilities, which place this model between Fiat Doblo Cargo and Fiat Ducato. Once this model will hit the showrooms, Fiat will offer models of every possible length and cargo volume, covering their last weak segment.

It shares the same capabilities with his French and German brothers, thanks to a partnership between Fiat, Renault and Opel which helps the car manufacturers build vehicles at low production costs. However, it will probably also share the platform’s safety weakness, as the Trafic only manage to obtain three stars from a total of five, in the Euro NCAP tests.

Looking at its style, the Talento’s inclined windscreen looks dynamic and continues in a happy way with the short bonnet, for a sporty front design. The horizontal-oriented design emphasizes the wide stance, creating an increased stability sensation. The engine line includes turbo and twin-turbo powertrains producing up to 145 hp, being matted to a 6-speed manual transmission. The engines have been carefully developed to minimize the running costs and increase reliability. The vehicle will be assembled in Renault plant, in France, and the orders will start this may. This summer, the new Talento will hit the showroom.