The recently unveiled Aston Martin DB11 is a rare sight and seeing it in official videos is a real privilege, especially when the car`s aerodynamics and aero kit are thoroughly explained by engineers within the company.

The video below also gratifies the genuine and the exquisite design that the model is coming with. Called: “Exploring DB11 – the Aston Martin Aeroblade”, the video also highlights the DB11`s advanced aerodynamics, with the company officially explaining every inch of the car.

Please find below the gorgeous video, not before you get a closer look at the carmaker`s own explanations concerning the aerodynamics and aero kit.

“Innovative aerodynamics play their part in this aesthetic revolution with clever management of airflow both over and through the bodywork aiding stability while preserving the DB11’s uncluttered surfaces. Front-end lift is reduced by the gill-like Curlicue which releases high-pressure air from inside the wheel arch via a concealed vent within the redesigned side-strake. Meanwhile, rear-end lift is reduced by the Aston Martin AeroBlade; a virtual spoiler fed by discreet air intakes located at the base of each C-pillar. Air is ducted through the bodywork, before venting as a jet of air from the aperture in the rear decklid.”

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!