A while back, not that long ago, the Germans at VW were trying to decide if they are going to hit the F1 circuit.

Volkswagen Formula 3 racer
Volkswagen Formula 3 racer

The decision came today but sadly it’s not one to raise the charms of petrolheads all over the world. Volkswagen isn’t going to go into F1 and none of their brands will do so.

The decision came definitely, with no room for any turnarounds. Volkswagen claim they will not organize an F1 team, and none of their subsidiaries, Audi, Porsche, Seat or even Lamborghini would be doing so.

Beside moving away from the actual business of running an F1 team, the Wolfsburg based company will not supply engines for any of the teams currently running in the circuit.

In order to keep motorsport fans happy, VW announced that all of their current programs will be continued. With a bit of a sour taste VW fans find out that the company is still interested in a entry to another major circuit. The Wolfsburg-ers are still aiming for a participation in the World Rally Championship.

This bit for me doesn’t really seem that believable because so far Skoda sent the Fabia to WRC without that much of a success but you never know what they could be cooking up.