That’s basically the new “service” Bentley is providing for future users.

Bentley's Official Clothier
Bentley's Official Clothier

With an announcement coming in from Bentley about more and more versions of the Continental GT it was interesting to see what they could’ve come up with.

But oh no, the British decided to give us something different. The latest announcement to come from Bentley speaks of their agreement with a company called Astor & Black.

Apparently, Astor & Black is a very good custom clothier that recently bagged a very interesting distinction from Esquire magazine. The distinction is for being the company that did the wardrobe of Angel Ramos. Angel Ramos was named the “best dressed real man” so this may mean that they are good.

Despite what the image is showing us.

Anyway, I don’t get fashion so I’m not really the best to comment on this but I don’t find the suit offering from Bentley with every purchase as being that interesting.

Here’s why I think this, a while ago, Pagani came up with a scheme such as this. With every Zonda they sold, they offered up a pair of shoes made by the Pope’s cobbler.

That is all nice and interesting but I don’t recall anybody saying, what I really like about buying my Zonda is the fact that they gave me this pair of shoes…