I’m fairly confident most of us car fans know the Smart brand and associate it with miniature city cars first and foremost, secondly perhaps with Mercedes or Daimler as owners.

Smart Electric Scooter
Smart Electric Scooter

If you find yourself in that situation then the picture you see above may not be making much sense to you and it’s relation to the article but, trust me, it’s a Smart creation.

The end is not for Smart enthusiasts but the company has announced that it will be revealing this at the Paris Motor Show and eventually hit production in order to help the sales figures in a better range than they currently are.

Another important detail of this “sketchy” design is that there will be no internal combustion here as electricity is the choice of power.

While the Automaker, erm, and motorcycle maker is not revealing any specifications on it (not that there would be much to say about a scooter).

Either way, it’s definitely one of the biggest surprises to come from a manufacturer in anticipation to the French showroom festival.