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Ferrari 458 Italia Car Crash in UK

A lot of Ferrari models have been involved in car crashes over the last couple of years and the 458 Italia seen here in the pictures might close up the unfortunate events, at least for the moment. I am talking about the one-off Ferrari 458...

By Eduard Huma on Mar 11th, 2015
Koenigsegg Agera R

A test car of the famous Keonigsegg Agera R has recently crashed at the Nurburgring, due perhaps to some human errors. The Nurburgring might be considered one of the world`s most demanding racetrack and the ”Green Hell” was there to be...

Ferrari 458 Spider Crashes in Australia

The Ferrari 458 Spider seems to be on a “killing spree” since another crash has hit the Australian hot continent this time. The image posted on this article shows a Ferrari 458 Spider being crashed, after its driver seemingly lost control...

By Eduard Huma on Apr 24th, 2014