Have you seen what cars will gracefully stand in front of you at Frankfurt Motor Show this month? If not, know that Renault Mégane is showing off on the 15th of September with its luxurious new pony. The thing is that we didn’t have any photos of it apart from the spy ones. Well, now we do – and they are official!

As you can see, this new model looks a lot more mature than the previous ones. It looks like a new recipe freshly taken out of the oven. No more second generation French models. Now we get to experience something that’s been emphasized by the German touch.

And because we are always in search for something new, this Renault Mégane model of 2016 is here to satisfy our curiosity. However, Renault already has two new models to display at the Motor Show, right? Yes, it does. Both Renault Mégane Talisman Sedan and Renault Mégane Talisman Estate will be there. But this new model of 2016 is a perfect mix of these two models.

On the inside, the car looks as sophisticated and elegant as it looks on the outside. Drivers will be able to activate most of its features by using the big central touchscreen, and driver’s ergonomics will also be improved for this model of 2016.

“The low roof gives us something different from the Golf. It makes the Mégane more sporting, more appealing,” manager Yann Le Graet says.

Photo Source: carpassion.it