That’s the question, is this image a portray of what Lamborghini will be revealing at the Paris Motor Show or is this a rather good fraud?

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

I’m not sure to be honest but it seems that most of the automotive press is rather confident in saying that this image is the reason behind all of the teasing that’s been going on.

If you’re not aware of the sort of things the Sant’Agata Bolognese has been up to lately you should check out the long list of images they’ve been giving to us petrolheads like crumbs over the past couple of weeks. The first one came here and then the Italians upped the ante with this rumor being spread. After a period of calm came the third image and things got pretty tangled up in the guessing game.

Than Lamborghini took things further, things about their presentation in Paris cropped up. Naturally that caused sparks of interest from fans of the Raging Bull but the Italians weren’t phased. They kept it up revealing this and just days ago Lamborghini’s marketing crew unleashed the latest image on the press.

Looking at the last image you find the details there to some extend but the quality is so poor it’s not something to base yourself on. Either way, the “specs” call for 2,200 pounds (999 kilograms) and a V10 engine. That seems like quite a recipe and will make waiting the last few hours up to the Paris Motor Show even harder.